4 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me as a New Mom

Becoming a parent for the first time is very exciting! There’s no greater joy or more important job than parenting. But, if you think its all rainbows and sunshine, think again! It’s darn tough work being a mom.

Kids Are Ungrateful

Yes, they are our innocent little angels but let’s just take a minute be honest. Kids are ungrateful! Not in a malicious way, but they live in a world of immediate reward. Your child will not notice how hungry you are, tired you are, or cranky you are. They will not voluntarily thank you (unless they want something else) or care that you spent your entire weekend cleaning and doing laundry. Do not despair, history has a way of erasing your mind and you’ll look back fondly later.

Panic At The Playground

You may think you’re the most level-headed, relaxed and stable person around. Heck, you might even scoff at other moms constantly hovering over their toddler at the park. But, when your child climbs to the scary heights of the ‘big’ slide for the first time, panic WILL set in. Breathe deep and go with it. There’s no right or wrong and all will be well, just like one of the favorite videos by Similac, The Mother ‘Hood.’

Learn To Laugh It Off

Spilling drinks, hair cutting, playing hide and seek in a large department store are all terrible, but handling things with humor helps. Think of the worse thing your child could do and then let that be the bar to which you rank everything else against. See — it’s not so bad! The fact that they smeared peanut butter across the white shag rug is a cake walk compared to locking themselves in the bathroom and turning on the water.  Try to laugh off the small stuff and save the truly ballistic moments for something really bad!

Get Your Oxygen First

If you have ever flown, you’ll recall the flight attendants saying to put on your oxygen mask before your child’s. Why? You’ll be in a better place to take care of others. The truth is, as a Mom, taking care of other is what you now do. Get your oxygen first so you are better equipped to create a happy and healthy place for you and the family. Be good to yourself, you deserve it!

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