9 Tips for Keeping Baby Cool at Night

From cool gel crib mattresses to black-out blinds, here are tips to beat the heat and keep baby cool at night!

Baby Sleeping on the back on the crib mattress

As the summer heats up, so can your house — including your baby’s nursery. Little ones can quickly become irritable when they are too warm and not sleeping well, plus they run the risk of possibly overheating. Here are nine quick tips for keeping baby as cool and comfortable as possible at home.

  1. If possible, avoid positioning baby’s bassinet or crib in direct sunlight and keep the curtains drawn on sunny days to help keep the heat away. Black out blinds are a bonus!

An extra safe sleep tip: if baby’s crib is near a window, be sure there are no accessible cords or strings, which could entangle the baby. There are many options for window treatments but safety is the main consideration.

  1. If it’s in the budget, consider installing an awning over the nursery window. Having no sun, at all, hitting the window is amazingly effective.
  2. Install a ceiling fan to keep the air moving. During the summer, the blades should spin counterclockwise which pushes cool air down. In winter, blades rotate the opposite way to draw warm air up.
  3. Choose a crib mattress with cooling technology or more natural, breathable materials to avoid a hot sleep surface.
  4. For infants, the crib should always be free of blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, and bumpers. Not only does this help to create a safe sleep environment, it also maximizes airflow around the crib.
  5. Look for a crib mattress pad and crib sheets that feature moisture-wicking fibers that absorb and evaporate excess moisture to help provide a cool, dry sleep-surface.
  6. Lightweight, loose-fitting jammies in breathable materials such as cotton or other natural fibers can help keep babies and toddlers cooler.
  7. If you run central air, be sure that the air filter is changed and cleaned regularly. This also helps reduce allergens in the nursery.
  8. Keep your little one’s room between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal safety & comfort.

By creating a cool and comfy sleeping environment, your little one will be better rested for all of your summer adventures. This can also help you get a few extra hours of snooze time as well!

Baby in the crib on his knees
Cute baby is sleeping
Infant on his knees in the crib

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