Design Tips for a Dream Nursery

image of a nursery scene with oak colored crib and dresser.


Designing your babyโ€™s nursery should be fun and satisfying. But, with so many ideas and endless choices, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Here are our top tips for making the most of your investment and creating a space that is perfect for babies and adults alike.

Create Inspiration Boards

There are many tools for creating inspiration boards to help with planning. Of course, Pinterest is always a favorite. Furniture, textile, paint, accessories; so much fun to dream! Look at other people’s ideas and create your own boards to get a better idea of the look you would like your nursery to have.

Start With a Theme

Once you have your dream nursery inspiration, decide on the room theme and color scheme to simplify the decision process later on. While gender-neutral is a safe choice, some parents prefer to design the nursery specifically for boys or pick a more feminine look for girls. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and set your own style. Not everything in the room needs to match, plusย injecting your personality creates character and warmth.

Think Safety First

Everyone tends to gravitate towards aesthetically pleasing pieces, but that cannot override the importance of whether or not the pieces in your nursery are safe. Every detail in your nursery should be planned with safety in mind. Be sure that all of your furniture meets (or exceeds) ASTM requirements.ย Select a firm crib mattress for infants which can help reduce the risk of SIDS. Never use soft bedding or place pillows, blanket, or soft toys in the crib, these all present potential suffocation hazards. Sealy furniture and bedding uphold the highest testing standards and exceed industry requirements while giving you the choice of beautiful statement pieces that will last for years to come.

Look to the Future

Your little one will grow fast! Before you know it there will be a toddler wanting out of the crib or a little human with the ability climb out on their own. Popular 2-stage crib mattresses can be flipped and used in your toddler bed providing greater comfort and softness. Convertible cribs that transition from crib to toddler bed to platform bed will grow beautifully with your child. Changing table dressers are another great investment that will transition from holding diapers to school clothes and will last for years to come.

Create a Dual Space

Try to create a soothing haven that both you and your child will love. A comfy chair with a shelf of easily accessible books will not just support early learning but also provide the benefit of family time focused on each other. A soothing routine before bedtime can help with a good night’s sleep.

The most important tip of all, however, is to enjoy every moment; your life is about to change in every possible (and positive) way! So, while you have the energy and time, start planning your own dream nursery with the help of Sealy Baby.

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